Almost every business owner out there wants to increase the visibility of their brand. They want to make sure that they stand out among the competition and get greater traffic. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy as we live in highly competitive times. Businesses are constantly vying for the attention from prospective customers.

It’s a good idea to try out different marketing techniques, even if they don’t sound very sophisticated at first. At Precision Signs, we have noticed that our clients are often surprised by just how effective things like vehicle graphics can be. They attract the attention of prospective customers and reinforce the presence of your brand everywhere your vehicle goes.

What Are Vehicle Graphics? 

You’ve probably seen a vehicle with a particular business’ logo and graphic on it. They’re usually very eye-catching and immediately grab your attention. They come in different sizes, designs, and colors. You can create the vehicle graphics in your own design and colors. If you’re not quite certain about the design, you can contact the professionals on our team. They will help you create a design that works well with your product or your brand.

There are several big-name companies that use stickers as a way to promote their brand. There are many different ways in which you can use stickers to enhance your brand presence and use them effectively. At Precision Signs, we’ve seen our customers use them cleverly in their products and on their commercial property.

What are Custom Stickers?

As the name implies, custom stickers are customized according to the needs of the client. For example, if you want stickers to promote a particular product, we can create custom stickers for it. We can also create a sticker that represents your entire business and not just a particular product. You can use custom stickers to promote an event, launch a product, improve brand visibility at a trade fair, etc.IMG_1701

Creative Ways to Use Stickers


In the busy world we live in today, branding is everything. Included in your brand is most importantly, your logo, it is probably one of the top things that many companies, products or businesses notice quickly and is easily recognizable. Because your logo is the face of your brand, it is very important and should be well designed and planned out. At Precision Signs we have experienced logo design experts that can assist you with creating the perfect logo for you company.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Logo

  • Preliminary Sketches: it can be as simple as grabbing a pen and paper or using computer software to create several different designs. Start with several different designs and ideas and continue combining ideas until you find the ideal logo. Do not rush this phrase.

  • Create Balance: ensure that there is balance within the logo, make sure that none of the colors are overpowering and that all areas are equally and/or proportional in size.

  • Size: make sure that you check your logo in different sizes and formats. It should be visible and legible in all sizes from very small to very large.

  • Colors: it is ............

In today’s growing and ever changing markets, it is important for companies to stand out. If you are looking for ways to increase your company's visibility within your building, a lobby sign is what you need. Using lobby signage is an excellent way to demonstrate your brand, branding is key to any business. Your business is your brand, your brand is your business.

At Precision Signs we have seen how the usage of lobby signs can improve the look of any lobby by creating a clean and professional looking commercial space. Lobby signs can create positive associations for current and future clients as well as employees and investors.

Why use Lobby Signage?

The main entrance or lobby of a building is one of the busiest areas of any commercial or medical building. Lobby signage helps to advertise your company, your logo and your brand. Using lobby signage can help to increase your visibility to new and existing clients.IMG_2315

Lobby signs should:

  • Provide information

  • Increase brand awareness

  • Provide customers with direction

  • Attract new customers

  • Create impulse sales

Where to Locate your Lobby Signage?

Lobby sign placement is very important to yo............

We all love receiving recognition for a job well done or winning a competition. Plaques can be given in many different situation from employee of the month to years of service to soccer tournaments. People love the feeling of being appreciated, valued and achievements celebrated. There is no feeling like taking home your plaque and hanging it on the wall.

Plaques can be used for all types of events. Plaques can be given in very formal situations (ie. For military or first responder services) or at informal events such as sports banquets or school activities. At Prescision Signs there are many options available to make your plaques special for the recipient.

Types of Plaques

Recurring Plaques are typically larger plaques that have a larger metal plate located at the top of plaque and several smaller plaques below. The larger centre plaque will have a title and a description of the plaque (ie employee of the month). The smaller plates that are listed below typically come blank and can be engraved at a later date.

Singular plaques are plaques that can be as simple or as detailed as needed. Some plaques can include photos, logos, and writing. Some plaques even have bronze casting that can be selected to have a three dimensional appearance. These plaques are typically ordered for each individual that will receive with their name engraved o............

When you organize an event, your primary concern is to attract visitors and audiences to your brand. After all, an event isn’t really successful unless you have a large group of people attending it. To get the attention of the audience, you need to promote your event. There are several ways you can go about this. You can promote it online and through social media or even create video ads.

At Precision Signs, we’ve also seen customers employing old school methods to promote their events. We’ve seen just how effective event signs can be in getting attention. They’re highly visible and will immediately attract people’s eye. This will help you get more traffic to your business.

Different Kinds of Event Signs

You don’t need to stick to just one type of event sign. Different signs attract attention in different ways. You can contact our in-house designers to plan for event signs that serve a variety of purposes. Consider the examples listed below:

  • Easel Signs – Easel signs are a great way to promote different kinds of events. You can place one in front of your property or in front of the event venue. You can display information about your event timings, the purpose, the speakers, etc, on these easel signs. They are light and easy to transport and also be reused for other events. You can design one with your logo and company name on the sign and leave the rest of the space blank t............