Cast Letters

Cast Letters

When you are looking for a sign that looks elegant and timeless, cast letters and signs are the perfect option. These letter signs are made of cast metal, and because they are cast, they have more dimension than letters made from flat sheets of metal. This dimension makes them easier to read and also gives them a classic and stylish look. You will often see these signs in hospitals or government offices because they have a more serious and formal quality. That being said, any business that is trying to project a feeling of class, or just wants to stand out from every other business that uses channel letters, may find that cast letters and logos are a great fit for them.

How are Cast Letters Made?

Cast letters are typically made of aluminum, but they can be made of any type of cast metal. They are normally available in dozens of fonts and designs, so this gives a lot of flexibility and choice to the consumer. In addition to letters, cast logos and street signs are also made and can look stunning in the right location. No matter what type of cast sign you are looking for, you should speak with a manufacturer and see if they can help you with it.

Once the cast letters have been created, they are often painted or finished. Many people choose to use an aluminum or bronze finish because this makes the signs look even more regal and official. There are actually dozens of types of aluminum and bronze finishes, so a company still has a lot of flexibility to customize the sign and make it look just right. Painted cast metal signs are less common, but they also sport a great look and choosing the right paint color will help them effectively grab the attention of consumers and others.

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