Whenever you walk into a large commercial building, you will probably walk right past a directory. If you’ve never been to that building before, you may even stop and use the directory to find out where to go. Directories or way-finding signage are used in all types of commercial properties to help direct customers and others. They can be made of a variety of materials and often are made of a combination of metal, plastic, and glass. When getting a new directory, the most important things to consider are the location and design aesthetic of the sign.

Location of Directories

Directories are meant to be seen and used, and they are meant to be used by people who have never seen the directory before or even entered the building before, so they must be in an easy-to-find location. Often directories will be placed close to entrances or at the centers of lobbies so that visitors can easily locate them. It’s also common to place them by elevator banks so that visitors can determine which floor is the right one for them. On individual floors, it can be helpful to place the directory opposite from the elevator doors. This helps people leaving the elevator to quickly orient themselves and find the business or office they need.

Design and Aesthetics

Though directories serve an informational purpose, every sign is also an opportunity to build your brand. Directories should be designed to reflect the type of business and service you are providing as well as be easy to read and understand. A well-designed directory will be eye-catching so that even confused visitors will quickly notice it and use it. Even though directories commonly list the location of offices and stores, you can also use them to reveal some information about your business, such as address, phone number, and operating times.

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