Foam Letters

Foam Letters

Many people don’t realize that the letter signs they see in offices across the country are made out of foam, and not plastic or metal. Foam letters are a fantastic and cost-effective way to identify and decorate an office or store. They are a much higher quality than people realize and look nothing like the packing material foam that people usually think of. There are many great advantages to using foam letters for your next sign.

Why You Should Use Foam

One of the best advantages to foam is its incredible cost. Compared to metal and acrylic letter signs of the same size and shape, foam is the least inexpensive option, and it usually isn’t even close. Unlike other types of letter signs, this makes foam letters very easy and cheap to replace, which is great if you need to change a sign or if it was damaged.

Foam letters from a high-quality sign maker will look very professional. The foam core is sandwiched between hard and smooth surfaces, so most people won’t be able to tell that it is foam. In addition, they can be painted and glossed or laminated in plastic or metal to give them a sturdy and classy appearance.

Because the material is made out of foam, it is incredibly light and very easy to mount onto walls or other surfaces. You won’t need to worry about drilling into a wall or using studs to mount it. All you will need is a good adhesive.

Disadvantages of Foam

The only true disadvantage of foam is it is less durable than metal or acrylic letter signs. This makes foam letters completely unsuitable for outdoor use, and it also means you have to be careful not to scratch, puncture or squeeze the letters. However, as long as they are mounted on a wall, they are mostly out of harm’s way and typically last a long time.

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