Metal Letters

Metal Letters

If you are looking for letters to make a sign, there are many different materials to choose from such as plastic, foam, and metal. Depending on what type of style you want for the sign, metal might be your best choice. Organizations normally choose metal for their signs when they want them to look more formal and official. Metal letters are common for large corporations as well as government buildings, hospitals, and banks. Though metal letters are not the most expensive option, you know you will be getting a very durable and high-quality project that won’t be vulnerable to scratching or breaking. Even once you choose metal letters there are a wide range of choices, so you really have a lot of control over how the sign will look.

Designing Metal Letters

The size of letters and the font they are cut in have a large effect on the sign’s impact and style. Metal letters are used by organizations that want a very regal and timeless look, so the most popular fonts are simple and classic fonts such as Helvetica and Times New Roman. Another important choice to make is if the letter will be flat cut or cast. Cast letters are slightly three dimensional and have more depth. This can make a sign look more intriguing and dynamic.

Choosing the Metal for Metal Lettering

Once you finish choosing the size, font, and style, you will also need to choose what type of metal you want the letters to be made of, and there are actually quite a few choices. Though aluminum is the most popular choice because it is inexpensive and durable, you can also choose between brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, and other metals. Each will have its own look and its own advantages. Finally, you should also consider the finish of the metal letters, the finish color can dramatically change the appearance and effect of a sign, so choose carefully and think about the type of impression you want to give with the new sign.

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