Foam Signs

Foam Signs

More and more organizations are buying signs made of high-density urethane, and it’s such a great material for sign-making that it’s also known as sign foam. In most cases, sign foam is used as a replacement for wood, because it can be painted and finished to look like wood, but it is more durable and much easier to maintain. If you are looking to replace an old wooden sign or want to create a new wooden sign, you should strongly consider using high-density urethane instead.

High-Density Urethane vs. Wood

Though it’s as light as wood and looks like wood, this is a synthetic foam product, and that gives it serious advantages over wood and other natural alternatives. Unlike wooden signs, signs made of HDU are resistant to bugs and will not rot. It is more durable, more water resistant, and is less likely to splinter or crack. High-density urethane also does not warp the way wood does and is incredibly resistant to heat—withstanding temperatures between -30 to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. When looking at the specific advantages, high-density urethane is clearly the better product and is a great material for both outdoor and indoor signs.

Completely Customizable

Since it is as easy to work with as wood, cutting and engraving sign foam is a very simple process, and sign makers can design and produce a high-density urethane sign to your exact specifications. It can then be finished to look like wood or it can be painted in any color you prefer. Sign foam also absorbs less paint than wood does, so it’s easier to give it a high-quality paint job. All in all, it’s an amazingly versatile material that is perfect for any type of sign project.

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