Gateway Signs

Gateway Signs

Are you interested in a new gateway sign for your town, office, park, or community? Gateway signs are a great way to welcome visitors to an area and display your pride in your organization or community. Even the smallest towns and the smallest schools typically have some type of gateway sign. For visitors, they can be a crucial way to identify where they are and where they should be going.

Gateway signs can be made of a number of different materials. In most cases, the majority of a gateway sign will be made of metal, concrete, or brick. This is because gateway signs must be very durable, so although plastics and wood may be used in the construction, they are usually not the primary building material. As these are the first signs a visitor will see when entering a specific area, the design of the sign is very important. Both communities and companies put a lot of consideration into how they design their signs so that they accurately reflect the values of the people living or working there.

New Trends in Gateway Signs

Though these types of signs are not new in any way and many communities prefer a traditional look, there have been some recent changes in gateway signs. For one, some places are making their gateway signs out of a very durable and high-quality plastic. This is sometimes cheaper than a metal sign, and it is easy to clean. Because these signs are large and prominently placed, they are frequently a target for vandalism, so it’s important that they are not difficult to clean. Some other communities are choosing to replace their traditional gateway signs with large LED signs. For communities who won’t miss the classic look, this can be a great way to update the sign, and it allows them to periodically change the message displayed to visitors.

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