Illuminated Signs

Illumninated Signs

A sign that lacks a light source is readable for only half the day. When business owners want their sign to be visible at all times of the day, they have to buy illuminated signs. Illuminated signs use electrically powered light sources to light up their signs. Business owners can choose between many different types of illuminated signs including backlit signs and channel signs, externally illuminated signs, and LED signs.

Backlit Signs and Channel Signs

These types of signs use a lightbox or source in the back of the sign and the front of these signs is made out of transparent plastic or glass. Backlit signs are typically found close the roadside entrance to businesses. They are especially useful if the business is not easily seen while driving. Channel signs are typically letter signs that are mounted above a storefront and spell out the name of a business. They are a useful way to identify a business during the day or night.

Externally Illuminated Signs

Externally illuminated signs use spotlights and other external light sources to illuminate the front of the sign. These signs can use plastic, metal, or any other type of material for the lettering, but the material must be easy to read in direct light. If the material is too reflective or not reflective enough, it may be difficult for visitors to read it clearly. For these signs to be effective, the business owner must make sure that he is using powerful enough lights and should check that the lights are effectively pointed toward the front of the sign, so that it’s easy to read.

LED Signs

These signs use electronic displays. They are easily seen during day or night as long as they are turned on. One of the best advantages to LED signs is that the front of the sign can be changed regularly to feature new information.

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