Monument Signs

Monument Signs

Monument signs are the perfect way to greet those who are entering a town, neighborhood, business park, or other types of areas. A roadside monument sign increases the visibility of the organization, and also makes the organization look more established and professional. Monument signs can be designed in any way that the community decides, but typically they feature two side pillars and a base of concrete, brick, or stone. In between the two pillars is a large nameplate or structure that identifies the area and may include a logo or slogan as well.

Designing a Monument Sign

Monument signs are meant to be long-term investments and semi-permanent structures, so it’s important that a community think long and hard about how they want a sign to look, so that it best represents the people living or working there. Brick, concrete, and stone are preferred because it gives the sign a very formal and timeless appearance.

Materials That Make Monument Signs

Though monument signs may all look similar, they can actually be made of quite different materials. Traditionally, they were always made of brick and other heavy materials, but that is starting to change. Some communities are now making monument signs out of durable compressed foam. These materials can be painted and cut to look exactly like wood, brick, stone, or any other type of material. They are treated with special coatings so that they are resistant to water, rot, and insects, and they can last as long as similar structures.

The reason foam is being chosen instead of traditional materials is because it is significantly cheaper, and it’s much easier to install because it’s so much lighter. Ultimately it’s up to a community to decide how they want their monument sign to look and how much they want to spend on it. Whatever they choose, there are experienced professionals that can help bring their dream to reality.

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