Parking Signs

Parking Signs

Parking signs may be the most unpopular type of signs out there. Most parking signs tell people where they can’t park, instead of where they can, and they often display confusing instructions about when parking is okay and when it isn’t. All that being said, regulating where and when people can park is a very important function that cities and business both must perform.

Do Parking Signs Need To All Look The Same?

Some types of parking signs in America are regulated, so most of them look very similar to each other. However, businesses that are controlling their private parking lots do not have to use the standard signs for most situations, and they can design their signs according to their own preferences. The only exception is handicap parking signs. For handicap parking signs, private businesses must use the specific designs that have been approved by the local government.

What Are Parking Signs Made Of?

For the most part, parking signs are made out of aluminum. That is because of the metal’s durability and low cost. Parking lot signs are typically rectangular shaped and are painted white with red, green, or black lettering. Of course, businesses can use other types of signs if they prefer. To save money, some businesses may use signs made out of durable plastics or high-density urethane, and businesses can also use different types of shapes and colors if they want to do that.

Like other types of municipal signs and traffic signs, parking signs usually incorporate some type of reflective coating or sheeting. This is so that they can easily be seen and located even during the night. Private businesses can decide how intense they want the reflective sheeting to be. Typically for a parking sign, you won’t need reflective sheeting that is as intense as the sheeting used on highway traffic signs, but if you think it will be difficult the find the sign in a crowded parking lot, it might be a good idea.

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