Post & Panel Signs

Post & Panel Signs

One of the most common types of exterior roadside signs is the post and panel sign. Post and panel signs are easy to identify as they typically are comprised of two posts, with a panel sign in between. These types of signs are used by all types of organizations and for many different functions. Post and panel signs are usually used for their professional appearance and durability, but there are also some post and panel signs that are only used on a temporary basis. Depending on the purpose for your sign, you may want to choose different materials in its construction.

Uses of Post & Panel Signs

Many post and panel signs are used as gateway or welcoming signs. They are used by subdivisions, office parks, and other locations to welcome visitors as well as make it easy for people to identify the entrance from the road. Because these signs are meant to be permanent as well as to reflect professionally on the location and organization, they are normally made out of metal or durable plastics. These signs are also typically the largest type of post and panel sign.

Post & Panel Signs for Real Estate

Of the different private industries that use post and panel signs, it may be the real estate industry that uses them the most. Post and panel signs are a great way to advertise both residential and commercial properties. As opposed to small plastic signs that are held by metal H frames, a large wooden post and panel sign looks very professional and will make a property look more attractive. Because these signs are only for temporary use, they are usually not made of metal. Wooden and plastic signs can look just as professional as metal but will come at a much lower cost and will normally last long enough to sell the property.

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