The one thing that every red carpet awards show and every high school prom have in common is that they both use backdrops. Backdrops are colored or printed sheets that are held up behind the subject getting photographed in order to improve the look of the shot.

The most common place to find backdrops is during any high profile celebrity event such as award shows or movie premieres. If you look at pictures of the celebrity attendants, you’ll notice they were all standing in front of the same background. Usually, the background has logos of different advertisers or has the name of the event printed on it. That background is the backdrop.

Advantages of Using Backdrops

Although backdrops are normally just printed pieces of paper, they are actually very useful. When taking pictures of several subjects, it is helpful to have a similar and controlled background. This will ensure that all of the pictures look good together and also makes everything look more professional. Most backdrops are made of types of paper and colored certain ways so that they will reduce glare from the camera as well as block out sources of light that would ruin the photograph.

Though the outdoor backdrops for celebrity events are the ones you notice the most, the biggest application of backdrops is actually indoor use for all types of photography. Whenever you look at clothing catalogs or the covers of magazines, you will see people posing in front of a solid colored background. In almost all cases, they were posing in front of a backdrop.

Backdrops are great for photographers because they help regulate the light, create a mood for the photograph, and can even help make the subject’s skin or clothes pop because of the way the colors interact with the background. Next time you are preparing a serious photo shoot, you will want to have your very own backdrop.

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