Boat Lettering & Signs

Boat Lettering & Signs

When you first buy a new boat, one of the first things you have to do is get boat lettering and signs. You want to proudly mark and identify your boat as well as give it a name and look that matches your personality. There are also some legal requirements to make your boat easily identifiable, and that’s another reason to get boat lettering.

Though traditionally boat names and other information were painted on boats, it is now much more common that owners attach vinyl boat lettering and signs. These are much less expensive and can be printed and sent to you in a very short amount of time. Vinyl signs can also last five to ten years and are much more durable than painted signs.

Types of Boat Lettering and Signs

Most people do more with boat lettering than naming their boat: they also attach signs that indicate hailing ports and registration numbers. Some also attach images and decals as well as striping to give their boat a little more personality. Whatever type of boat sign you want, you have almost complete control. Boat sign manufacturers can create vinyl signs in any color, size, and style. The only requirement you have is that some of your signs, such as registration number, must be large enough so that they are easy to read.

Attaching Boat Lettering and Signs

Once you receive your boat lettering, you must be very careful, so that you attach it just right. Make sure you are attaching the vinyl lettering on a day that isn’t too windy or too cold, because that may make it harder to properly apply it. You will want to first wash the surface with ammonia to remove any wax or substances that will prevent a good application. Carefully remove the wax paper backing and apply the sign to the right area. Then roll over it with a squeegee to remove air bubbles, and you’re done.

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